Ice cream spoon

Never ever I repeat NEVER come between a girl and her ice cream. If you do…. I hope you live. I was in Chinese class and that teacher brought in ice cream as celebration for spring break. She had vanilla chocolate and cookkie dough …. Bingo! I had announced to the whole class that I wanted some of the cookie  dough. There’s only 12 people in the class and they all said ok. I waited for everyone else to get their ice cream since I figured they would leave me some.  It’s finally  my turn and iget up there when this guy Jared gets in front of me. He had already had 5 huge scoops of ice cream. I was about to ask him to wait for me to get 1sts when he sticks his used spoon ….. Into the .. Cookie dough ice cream!!! I was so mad I snapped at him. There wasn’t even alot left. I yelled at him…. Until I started crying… Teenage girls are very emotional creatures. Especially after watching Romeo and Juliet last period. What can I say I really wanted that ice cream. And on top of it all because of my quick mood swing he had the audacity to make a period joke in front of me. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty site. He got 3 lunch detentions because the principal was in the room at the time he made the joke.( what can I say. I’m one of his favorite students )  and I got off free.👍 I’m still mad about the ice cream though. At least there was some chocolate left …

Remember: never ever I repeat NEVER come between a girl and her ice cream…..

Sincerely, Rosie


Dear future Me,

Dear me
  I hope you are happy.  IHope you have finally started and finished that book I always wanted to write. I hope you got that scholarship you wanted. I hope you became a teacher and I hope you volunteer at an animal shelter. I hope a lot of things but what I Hope the most is that you are a good person.

I Hope ….

Sincerely, Rosie

So Unrealistic

Okay has this ever happened to you? Someone walks into the living room or TV room while you’re watching a movie or a TV show and the first thing out of their mouth is “That was so unrealistic,” that bugs me so much. I’m just like well yeah it’s a movie.

Or if I’m talking to a friend about a book and they’re just like “Did you read the part where Tris jumped of the train on to the roof of dauntless headquarters, that was so unrealistic like that would never happen,” And I’m just like “Actually it could happen, it would just hurt, and be completely insane,” I mean it drives me crazy when people are just like that movie or book is so unrealistic. I mean that’s the whole point of the movie. No one ever said it was supposed to be something that could happen in real life, if it was I’d rather go out and do it then just sit and watch someone else do it.

I mean some movies and books are realistic and others are just imaginary, If the book has a fantasy or science fiction label on it than don’t expect it to be real.

Books are supposed to make you think impossible thoughts and dream impossible dreams! I mean think about it, as a little kid how often did you play a make believe game? And I bet some of that time you believed that you were a superhero, or a princess, maybe you were even a spy. But you i bet you got a lot of those ideas from a movie you saw, or a book you read, and even if it wasn’t real you could pretend it was. I bet you believed it was real and possibly even asked people to call you by whatever make believe name you gave yourself.

So, next time you see something that looks unrealistic on a movie or you read it in a book, think for a minute. I mean how cool would it be if some of that stuff you see or read could really happen? What would life be like? What would you be like?

Thanks for reading!


Spring Break!

Okay, so tomorrow is the start of spring break. It came really fast this year, only two more months before summer vacation!

So here’s the thing with spring break. For me I’m always like “yay spring break” you know there’s no school, there’s no dance, no nothin’ the problem is that on spring break I always get super bored because my friends always have plans. This year Rosie and her family are going on a trip so I will be here alone…okay that’s a little dramatic. So I was thinking what if I planned something, like a party or a group activity. But I have no money. So why am I writing this as a blog post? To share the fact that this week and next week I will have no life, because my life is on spring break.

So these are the problems with spring break. But what’s good about it is my brain gets rest, I can bake more cookies, I can practice my dances at home, sort of, I can clean. You know chores and stuff…yay!!!

Thanks for reading and sorry but no you will not get that minute of your life back, sorry.


Rosie and Abby chapter 3: Awana part 3

So at my church there was this program where we learned how to memorize bible verses, so for like one or two years Rosie and I were in Awana together. So, one night at a pizza party they had yearly for my age group Rosie and another friend encouraged me to sing in the singing contest. I’ve always been afraid to sing infront of people, so this was a really difficult thing for me. The prize was a box of five littlest pet shops, so I “preformed” my song and I sung my song, and after sitting through a couple of other girls I won a prize. So that was a good night.

Me and Rosie had some insane ideas at Awana, we’d stand in our corner, and talk about things. Starting a business, starting a band, and probably tons of other crazy stuff. I really enjoyed my time at Awana and even after I had finished I kept volunteering with the five-year-olds.

Thanks for reading!


McDonalds Rant revised

Okay so a while ago I wrote a post called McDonalds rant.

So I went to McDonalds yesterday, and I still don’t really like their food, and normally I don’t like their service. But yesterday the food wasn’t that bad and the service was actually pretty good, and obviously not all McDonalds are the same in service, or food. So, to be polite (Which is rare for me please enjoy it) I thought I should write a revised version of my rant because of the service we got yesterday.

Here are the differences; first off, the guy at the counter had told us that their ice cream machine wasn’t really working, but he was going to try it anyway (And it was a miracle! It filled both cones, no problem) At the McDonalds I went to before I can almost guarantee that the conversation would have been sorry the machines not working, end of story.

Second, the salad I ordered almost tasted fresh where I ate yesterday, but the food at the McDonalds close to my house, the food is almost always two days over the expiration date. Which is both disgusting and probably in violation of the health code.

And third, the guy that helped us was like a new kind of McDonalds employees, he was friendly, polite, and had atleast some energy. I’ve never met a McDonalds employee that was not rude, lazy, and just acted like they didn’t want to be there.

But congratulations McDonalds you are close to redeeming yourself even though I will mostly be eating at Wendy’s I will atleast consider McDonald’s now. As long as you don’t have Ronald McDonald sitting in the front of the restaurant.

Thanks for reading!


Dear future me…

Okay, so I’ve gotten into the habit of writing a journal and at the end I always write a “Dear future me,” letter at the bottom of the page. I think it’s a cool idea to be able to read back through everything I did a few years back, or even just a few months! So here’s a sample of what my “Dear future me,” letters look like. Enjoy!

Dear future Abby, I hope that if is everything you hoped. God definitely has great plans for you and even now, as a teenager I’m beginning to see it. Remember all the fun times you had with your friends, and don’t be sad, be happy because you had an amazing childhood. Right now you’re probably just finishing college, or maybe you’re working, or raising a family. Whatever it is you’re doing, I bet you’re amazing at it.

I don’t know how much older than me you’ll be when you go through your blog posts and read it again. I hope you got that book published, and learned sign language, and I hope you’re happy.

Keep on living life, because few things are this precious and keep smiling, because you’ll never know who will see your smile and want to smile too.


I’d like to encourage you to try to write your own “Dear future me,” letter and put it somewhere where you know you’ll find it in a couple years. I think it would be great to reflect on where you’ve been and be proud of how far you’ve come since then.

Thanks for reading!