Ice cream spoon

Never ever I repeat NEVER come between a girl and her ice cream. If you do…. I hope you live. I was in Chinese class and that teacher brought in ice cream as celebration for spring break. She had vanilla chocolate and cookkie dough …. Bingo! I had announced to the whole class that I wanted some of the cookie  dough. There’s only 12 people in the class and they all said ok. I waited for everyone else to get their ice cream since I figured they would leave me some.  It’s finally  my turn and iget up there when this guy Jared gets in front of me. He had already had 5 huge scoops of ice cream. I was about to ask him to wait for me to get 1sts when he sticks his used spoon ….. Into the .. Cookie dough ice cream!!! I was so mad I snapped at him. There wasn’t even alot left. I yelled at him…. Until I started crying… Teenage girls are very emotional creatures. Especially after watching Romeo and Juliet last period. What can I say I really wanted that ice cream. And on top of it all because of my quick mood swing he had the audacity to make a period joke in front of me. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty site. He got 3 lunch detentions because the principal was in the room at the time he made the joke.( what can I say. I’m one of his favorite students )  and I got off free.👍 I’m still mad about the ice cream though. At least there was some chocolate left …

Remember: never ever I repeat NEVER come between a girl and her ice cream…..

Sincerely, Rosie


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