Chapter 1 Rosie’s version

Click here for part one     Rosie and Abby. Chapter one:How it began part 1

It had Larry the cucumber on it with a pirate ship in the background. Larry was in a pirate costume. It was a poster from the  movie Jonah from veggie tales. On the back in big chicken scratch writing was the words WALLACES OUT!!!!  I was not a very good speller considering I was in 1st grade so it probably looked more like WAWISES OWT!!!  I was a very picky child…
Everything had to be my way.( what can i say at the time I was the youngest. This is what happens when you spoil your children.) One time we decided to play hide’n’seek and Abby hid in the closet under the stairs. I being the rotten child I was locked her in there. We had a small apartment at the time with very thin walls. Even so it was still a good half hour before anyone found her. After she tattled and I got in trouble (my punishment was sweeping the kitchen floor) we played tag. I wanted revenge so I chased her with a stick … She ran of course …back to the closet. Where I once again locked her in. After being let out again. I was forced to mop the kitchen floor while Abby watched TV and ate some of my favorite ice cream. I never locked her in the closet again.

Sincerely, Rosie


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