Everything I tried

My entire life had been about experimenting. I always try new things. A new hobby, a new trick, a new attitude. I failed basically every time.

I tried painting once, all of my pictures were abstract pieces of four-year-old art. So yeah as much as I loved it, I sucked at it. I tried crochet, knitting, looming, sewing (I’m okay at sewing), I even tried that thing where you make like a pillow top or whatever. I have like twenty unfinished projects and one ugly, fat, baby blanket like scarf. So yet again epic fail. I tried Tennis once, I also sucked at that. I tried pottery, I wasn’t awful but…no I was awful.

I’ve tried writing books before and everytime I get to the fifth chapter I lose interest. So I have tried a lot of stuff! Here is what I’ve stuck with even when I’ve failed. Dance, piano, writing (obviously), horses, sign language. Oh that reminds me. I have tried learning like every language ever invented and sucked at every single one.

I tried; Spanish, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, Elvish, sign-language (like four times), and probably like three others that I can’t remember.

So basically I get bored with things really quick and quit. But lately there have been things I have stuck to. And I don’t mean the Doctor Who fandom (Well yeah that too) but like I found things I really love doing that I never want to quit. So…yeah. Not sure how to end this so…The End (Emotional music into fade out)

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11 thoughts on “Everything I tried

  1. This is exactly how I am with things except everything that you gave up on like crocheting, reading, etc. I can kind of do and everything you stuck with like piano and sign language I tried but suck at.

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  2. I’m glad you found something you can stick with. I remember trying to learn sign language because I was watching ‘Switched At Birth’ which features a lot of it….. Ya, that didn’t last too long.

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      1. A little but mostly I started learning because on Saturdays I volunteer with special needs children at a horse farm. And that is one of the careers I am considering.


      2. The farm is an hour away from my house and origanally i began working there because of my love for horses but soon i feel in love with working for the kids. Its actually an organization that is run by about four people.


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