Rosie and Abby. Chapter one:How it began part 1

So this could be interesting. This’ll be a new blog “series,” about me and Rosie it may be a bit crazy, difficult to understand and over all dorky. But that’s who we are. I hope you enjoy this and we’ll probably add tips in here along the way. So here we go into the wonderful world of friendship. It will probably be told from both of our points of view.


First, here’s what you need to know, when we were little me and Rosie were NOT friends! Her mom was my babysitter. Basically I’d go over there and sit in their living room until Rosie got home. I’d be excited to see her and we start off playing and having tons of fun, and then she’d get bossy and I’d start to cry and then I would get in trouble and she wouldn’t because she was a spoiled brat (Sorry bestie, Love you!).

I remember this one time we were playing some make-believe game and I wanted to play a character that she wanted to play, we got into a fight and I went and cried in the closet. She decided to hit me with a stick that day. And I NEVER let her forget it.

So, you see we were definitely not good friends then and I’m sure she has a different point of view and I can’t wait to read it!


Click here for part two Chapter 1 Rosie’s version


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