Impressioned musically

Summer break started a couple weeks ago, I now being a High schooler had finals. Speech was my favorite final. Our speech teacher would play music almost everyday. Beethoven, Mozart, Micheal Jackson, Taylor Swift, and don’t forget Bon Jovi.   She said make your self a happy tune.
Noun- a melody, especially one that characterizes a certain piece of music
Verb- adjust
So what does it mean?
Characterize yourself to be happy? Or adjust your self to be happy? Music makes impressions. Whether it lasts a lifetime or a Heartbeat. It still makes an impression. So what if we made ourselves a happy impression? Most of the time we don’t even bother to make an impression in the first place. At the high school we walk down the halls avoiding eye contact with people we don’t know. And glaring at the back of the head of the person in front of us because of how slow they are going. What if we smiled? Study’s show that smiling at a person has a positive effect on humans.
Try it out and Smile!😁
Music makes impressions but so do we, whether for a lifetime or a Heartbeat, so make a Happy Impression, and Smile! 😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:


Last day to dance

So basically I have now decided to “up my game” in the dance world. Since I’m finally able to get beck to dancing in a studio I’ve decided to start working harder on my strength and flexibility so that in the future I can dance at a more professional studio. Dance is supposed to be fun, but it’s also work and I’m finally realizing that I need to really start on the work part and balance the work in the fun instead of me slacking off and it just being fun.

Dance is my passion but it’s difficult to be good at it if I’m not actually trying. So today is day one, today will be the day I take it seriously because who knows? Maybe I’ll dance professionally or teach a dance class. I guess I’m thankful that I injured my knee because some how it helped me be more excited about dancing and it’s made me better. I pay closer attention in class, I work on technique, I stretch and work on cardio and strength training everyday, I’m even standing in front of the barre sometimes.

Who knew something so good could come out of something so painful? I guess God was trying to teach me something and the lesson has been learned. So I’ll take my time healing and I’ll dance for the love of dancing, just this time I wont lose my turnout and injure my leg. I’ll dance in thanks to my God, I’ll dance because I love it, and I’ll dance as if it’s my last day to be able to dance.

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Feeling the music

This weekend has been emotionally draining, I wont go into boring details. Basically it was bad news piled on top of more bad news. I didn’t sleep, I had bad headaches, I was in a bad mood, nothing was going right. I turned on my music on my phone and just lied down and listened. And I realized just how depressing my music is.

So I listened to it, I let myself feel the music. The music explained how I felt better then I ever could. I don’t even know how I feel about it, but the music does. It describes my every thought. Just for a moment the world drifts into nothing and it’s just me and the music.

I’ve been learning that growing up is way harder then everyone made it look. But if it’s just me, myself, and the music it begins to grow a little bit clearer. I still don’t know how I feel about the events of this weekend, I just know that when everything goes wrong I can count on the music to let me drift off into my own little fantasy.

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Singing to my phone

I’m gonna do this thing where I sing to my phone and it tends to change the words to something ridiculous.

Hahahaha that’s why I’m calling you Utah you should know you beautiful – saying you are and you don’t have to change changes ask I see if you to the stars with you
That was me singing scars to your beautiful

Wake Island Heather. Music download Hey Hey Girl hey you will go
That was the river by Jordan Feliz (I think that’s his name)

Interesting right hello cousin Asus w also hope together
Priceless for king and country

Goes out to the heaviest everyone is healthy resume you’re finished its not ever had this no nobody had a who is rising never give in never give up it’s not over he had an
It’s bot over yet, for king and country

So that’s what I do when I’m bored…yeah.

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Weekly Song

This will be the first of many. Every week I find a song that really speaks to me and gets stuck in my head (and yes one week it was the Dora theme song). From the beautiful to the annoying here is this weeks song.

This song is called Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Click here to listen

This song speaks to me because it’s about being yourself because you are beautiful.

Hope you like the song. Check back next week for another Weekly Song.