What is beauty?

Is beauty when I have my true face hidden behind a mask of powder and cream? Is beauty perfect hair, perfect eyes? Or maybe a perfect smile?

In this world; yes. This world claims to want you to be your own person, but only as long as you meet their standards.

They say things like “True beauty is on the inside,” and “We are all beautiful,” but do they mean It? Well yes they mean It, as long as you are visibly attractive according to their guidelines.

In the morning we stand in front of the mirror judging ourselves, covering our skin in make up. But will you be perfect? Once you’ve filled in your eyebrows and turned your lips cherry red have you successfully achieved perfection?

Just because the media says something will make you beautiful by promising flawless skin and hair means nothing.

I too am guilty of standing in front of a mirror and convincing myself that I am not beautiful. This is the biggest lie I have ever told, this is the biggest lie you will ever hear.

So look again. Find one thing you love about yourself. Your eyes, your nose, that freckle on your cheek, or your dimples and hold on to that. Remember somewhere in the world somebody is standing in front of a mirror wishing they had your blue eyes, or your dimples, maybe they want your curly hair or maybe they want your smile.

Remember you don’t have to be perfect in the world’s eyes because the world is wrong. The world has everything twisted. You don’t need to fill in your eyebrows or curl your hair today. You don’t have to cover up to be beautiful. So do yourself a favor put the make up down, look yourself in the eye, smile and tell yourself “I am beautiful,” and repeat this until you believe it. If you don’t believe it, if you don’t believe that you are beautiful you’re lying to yourself.


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