Good or Evil…

Are Humans Good or Evil? This is a  question everyone encounters at least once, right? What do you think? Good or Evil? I say neither and both. Humans are both good and evil. Ying and Yang. And at the same time they are neither. Someone screws up and gets in trouble they are then told what they did was bad. No it wasn’t. It was Human. We are neither Good or Evil we are simply human.


Can you see it?

How do you believe in something you don’t see? It’s simple. The same way we know air exists. We can’t see air, to us it’s clear. But when you hold a prism up to the light you get a rainbow. Air is not clear, in fact it’s every color of the rainbow. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. To me it means it is. Air has color, we can’t see it, air has color. People say there can’t be a God because they can’t see him. Once again you can’t see the color in air.

PS. Lol  we breathe in rainbows….