Good or Evil…

Are Humans Good or Evil? This is a  question everyone encounters at least once, right? What do you think? Good or Evil? I say neither and both. Humans are both good and evil. Ying and Yang. And at the same time they are neither. Someone screws up and gets in trouble they are then told what they did was bad. No it wasn’t. It was Human. We are neither Good or Evil we are simply human.


Can you see it?

How do you believe in something you don’t see? It’s simple. The same way we know air exists. We can’t see air, to us it’s clear. But when you hold a prism up to the light you get a rainbow. Air is not clear, in fact it’s every color of the rainbow. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. To me it means it is. Air has color, we can’t see it, air has color. People say there can’t be a God because they can’t see him. Once again you can’t see the color in air.

PS. Lol  we breathe in rainbows….

What do you believe?

As a christian I find myself wondering about what other people believe. I believe that God created the world, man sinned against God and he sent his son; Jesus to save us, Jesus died on the cross and then rose again freeing us from eternal suffering.

Many people would argue the existence of God. I think that as a christian it is my job to answer any questions about God and my faith, but it is not my job to change their mind.

I understand if you grew up in a faith that taught you differently then mine, but for those of you who don’t believe in the existence of any god. So here’s my question, what is it that you believe? Do you believe that when we die everything just stops? Do you believe that we just go around in an endless cycle through life?

When someone who claims to be an atheist gets into a debate about whether or not there is a God it’s not really like they’re debating if God does exists they’re debating why faith is stupid. Some people just have to argue with me in the hopes that I will give up on my faith and turn my back on God.

I mean if I trust in God my whole life and in the end just happen to be wrong then I still have nothing to lose. But if I went my whole life believing there was no god and was wrong then I will have lost everything.

The thing is that I still have sin in my life even as a follower of Christ but if I didn’t believe in what I believed then I would also have sin in my life, the only difference being that I would lack hope. I can’t even imagine living a life where I had no hope. If there is no God then why are we here? If there was no Jesus to save us from sin then we’re doomed. If there’s is no life in heaven, if there is no hope for a better future, then why bother? Why not just give up now? Why try to be successful and do our best in life? If there is no God, no Jesus, and no hope then what are we living for?

Thanks for reading!


What would happen if I ran the world?

Welp, here’s another one of my crazy blog posts. Run while you can my friends you will not get this minute of your life back. (But feel free to like the post before you leave).

So here it goes; If I ran the world. I would have rules. Maybe, I don’t know I’m not very organized and I don’t see me putting effort into making sure the world is orderly and stuff. But I’ll try, my rules would be.

well no murdering, drugs, stealing, you know the usual stuff. But probably other stuff like everyone has to believe in unicorns and hobbits. And you’d have to read atleast one chapter of a book a day, and other stuff that I’d probably higher someone to think of for me.

I think I would make a rule that school is more of an every other day thing.

In my world people would be more important than baby pandas, and passing laws against discrimination would be more important than trying to make drugs legal.

Anyone who didn’t believe in Narnia or Gallifrey would have to write a thousand word essay on how why they don’t believe and will be asked whether they’ve seen the Tardis or not. Click here to see it.

In my world there would most likely be chaos.

But on a more serious note I should never run the world ever.

Thanks for reading.

-Abby, former resident of Gallifrey home of the time lords.


Rant on phone reviews…

Have you ever read the reviews on a product you were considering buying online? Well lately I’ve been watching the prices on smartphones because I’m hoping to get a fairly inexpensive one. And that’s when I realized that the world is full of people who will literally complain about anything and completely spoiled brats.

Did you ever have a friend or know a person whose parents spoiled them rotten and they were just awful? You could never please them and they would throw a fit everytime one little thing went wrong. Well the internet makes it a lot easier to complain and throw little temper tantrums. I mean I get mentioning in your review that the phone randomly shuts off for no reason, or that the call disconnects. But oh my gosh complaining about everything about the phone because it doesn’t have a front facing camera, or because the speakers only go up to like 80%.

What really bugs me is when their reviews look like this:

I wuld nvr recomend this phone to anyone bcuz the battery only last 3 days instead of 5, the speekers are only loud enuf to shake my naybors house but not the 1s past them, and the skreen is only as bigg as 1 of my handz and not 2.

pros: nun bcuz I hate this phone

Cons: the batery don’t work, the power buton iz on the top not the side, speekers, skreen too small, and evrything else about the phone stincks.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic but you get the idea. I mean I’ve seen some reviews with the grammar skills of a first grader. I mean I’m sorry you’re not happy with the phone you bought but ten years ago none of that stuff would have mattered because you would have been happy just to have a flip phone.I mean this generation of people is more of a generation of brats, and yes I would include myself in that mix I would consider myself as a spoiled brat a lot of the time.

I’m not writing this to tell you that there are poor people all over the world that don’t even have phones, I’m writing it because I’m annoyed of not being able to tell the difference between a legit review or someone throwing a fit because the phone they got only had 8 GB instead of 64 GB. Especially those reviews that start with the words “my mom/dad got me this phone for my birthday,” and then goes on to say this “but they got the wrong amount of storage, instead of the 64 GB I wanted they got 16 GB,” and they write a review based on their desire and not the actual quality of the device, I mean you’re not helping anyone if you write a review like this so what’s the point? How about thanking your parents because they bothered to buy you a phone in the first place!

Okay…that got interesting. Anywho thanks for reading my rant.


Accepting change

Okay, if I had of had this blog about a year ago then there would probably be some very angry posts here just because I needed someone to rant to and here’s why. I like adventures and I like trying new things as long as after I try them things go back to the way it was before this “new thing” I don’t like big changes.

So the church that I had grown up in decided to plant a new church closer to my home. Now even though most of my friends would be going to this church as well, my best friend would be staying behind at my home church. I was really upset about this change, nobody asked me if I wanted to go, I felt like nobody had even considered my feelings at all. I had my mind made up that I was going to hate my new church and I would hate going to church for the rest of my life. Yeah…that didn’t happen. Although this will never be the church I call home and I would still rather go to my original church.

So I tried to make myself useful, everyone else was finding ways to help with the new church and I was starting to get a little excited. I had agreed to help on the children’s praise team and it felt good to be a part of the church but it wasn’t my thing. I just haven’t found a way to be useful. I like going to the church, I like talking to the people that go there and I love the pastor. I just don’t like not being important, everyone that I know that’s going to the church is doing something whether it’s running sound, or singing, or organizing events.

I’m not doing anything “important” but i walk into that church every Sunday with a smile and try to be friendly. I’ll admit that a lot of the times I don’t like going still Id rather go to the church I grew up in but I don’t hate it or the idea of it anymore so I guess I’m making progress.