Blank… Or not …..

Here is what I think of life.

I think life is like a piece of  paper. Paper comes in different shapes and sizes and colors. You can bend and crease it. You can add colors to brighten it up and you can add colors to make things darker. Just like life.
People come in different shapes and sizes and colors. Our experiences define and bend who we are. Our emotions are our colors. And some times we lose pieces of ourselves. We all came from something bigger than us. Like paper comes from a tree we come from our parents. Paper has patterns and so do we. When paper is molded and shaped it comes together to make something amazing. Just like when people get together amazing things happen as well sure. we have flaws but so does paper. Paper has rips and is torn bit that doesn’t mean it isn’t still beautiful . like if you rip paper a certain way it looks like a heart.
Paper can be beautiful, broken and deadly. It can do damage and it can help prevent damage. Just like life…
So…. Yea …. Life is like a piece of paper.

Sincerely, Rosie


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