Chapter 2 Rosie’s Side

When I was in elementary school my mom got offered a job interpreting at a church called Central College Presbyterian Church or CCPC. She accepted. She told me I would have to go with her and to be honest I didn’t really mind… At first . it was this huge complex with multiple buildings. While I was there I net a girl Named Gracie and a guy named Max. I met Gracie one day after church I was sitting on a swing feeling sorry for myself. When she comes up behind me and pushes me off the swing. She said get up,  …. I wanna play.I being the selfish brat I was glared at her and said to bad.
“To bad so sad I wanna play ”
We became friends untill 2 months later she moved away. I won’t tell you how I met Max it’s to embarrassing…. It involves getting cake smashed up our noses and wrapped like a mummy….
Anyway my sister had the BIGGEST crush on him. It was hilarious to watch. Max was the complete opposite of me he was nice and caring. He would always accept people. He was also a high schooler. He was the nicest person ever…. Until he got his heart broken… By The head cheerleader. She cheated on him with his non-Christian brother. He started getting more closed off and I became more open. He got meaner I got nicer. He went away to college… And I stayed stuck at CCPC. Another month went by and mom quite her job and we came back to New Life. Abby knew I was coming back. And to be honest I was quite nervous to how she would react,  after all I had bullied her as a child. To my suprise she was excited to see me. We apologized and were laughing and talking when this weird and completely crazy guy runs up and says hi to me  before hugging Abby…. His name…. Was Caleb…

* We are considering having Caleb write a post with us comment and let us know if you think Its a good idea also let us know if there’s anything you want us to post about…*

Sincerely, Rosie


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