A new belief that I’m developing is that if you aren’t learning something from life, either you’re living wrong or you aren’t paying attention. No matter what there’s always something to learn or relearn. Whether it comes from being reminded of the beauty of live or a figurative slap in the face, we are constantly learning and growing.

The past couple years of my short life have been dark. I have battled with my mind and my emotions and struggled to find lasting happiness in anything. I’ve developed self-destructive behaviors and there came a point were I basically gave up. For the past year I’ve been living as if I’ve been waiting to die. I know it’s morbid, and it seems like I’m straying from my point, but I’m not. See, before about two months ago I felt  sad, angry, confused, hopeless and worthless. But if you were to ask, I probably would’ve chalked it all up to tired.

So, what did I learn from this? Something difficult…that I am just now putting into effect. I’m learning that I have to be brave and bold, and in order to do that I have to be emotionally vulnerable. I have to be able to communicate these feelings and be open about my past in order to move forward.


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