No signal

Okay, today I’m going to share with you something that I wrote. Now you’re going to have use your imagination a little and maybe you’ll see this story from my point of view or you’ll see it from a different perspective. Well, either way I hope this impacts you somehow and makes you think. I will warn you it’s kind cliche christian.

Now imagine the person losing the connection is you, or me if it doesn’t really apply to you but just imagine it from the callers point of view. Now here’s the surprising part, the person on the other end of the call is God (I know it’s shocking). Yup quite the plot twist. Now in the story it never tells you who it is but if you know who it is then the story might make more sense (or less).

Now, enjoy and imagine yourself in this position. Thank you for reading.

No signal—

You type a number into your phone and press the call button. You hear your phone ring once, then again, and one more time before hearing “Hello,” come through the speaker. Finally, after a day of not talking you finally hear the voice of that one person you can’t live without. “Hey, it’s me,” you say. You can feel happiness bubbling up in your heart and making it’s way through your body. It revives every part of you that felt dead just seconds before pressing the green call button. Then you hear a weird noise and before either of you can say anything else the line goes dead. The feeling of happiness drains from your body and frustration and anger replace it. They hung up on you. Guess they didn’t want to talk to you as much as you wanted to talk to them.

Anger fills your heart so that nothing else can get in. You take the phone and throw it across the room. It lands on an old couch but it bounces off and lands on the floor. Suddenly fear fills you; fear that you might have just broken the only connection to the one you need to talk to. You’re not mad anymore but you’re scared that somehow they know you blamed them for disconnecting and maybe it wasn’t their fault at all. Slowly you cross the floor and hope that your phone still works. You press the power button gently but the screen remains black. You feel a twist in your stomach. Without this phone, how will you talk to him? Again, you press the button harder and hold down longer, you press so hard your entire hand aches from the pressure. You let go and still all you get is a dark screen. You wait a second and then finally a light flickers on and your phone powers up.

You see a bunch of missed call notifications and quickly unlock your phone. All of the calls are from him. He’s been trying to reach you. His name pops up on your screen as a ringtone plays. You press the answer button. “Why’d you hang up on me?” you ask. Again, before he can answer the phone disconnects. You examine the screen; at the top, you realize there is no signal, zero bars. He didn’t hang up, you disconnected.

You walk around the room trying to find a signal. You even go outside. Nothing, no signal. This happens a lot when it rains. Every thunderstorm messes with your connection and right now it’s storming but you have to talk to him. You need him especially during a storm. So you look around the room and finally you see a box and then another box and you have an idea.You stack one of the boxes on top of the other and slowly attempt to climb on top of them. They wobble and you’re afraid of falling but you have to talk to him so you find your balance and dial his number and then press the call button and hold your phone out, your arm extended. Finally, there it is, two bars, only two but it’s enough. Your phone rings, and then rings again before “Hello?’ comes through the speaker. “Hey, sorry my signal dropped,” you reply. “I know. I’ve been waiting patiently for your call,” You two talk for a long time and you forget about your fear of falling because all you really wanted was to talk to the one person you can’t live without.

The End.

So here’s want I want to ask you. If you had a strong connection with God before but lost it would you risk falling to reconnect? If you’re just now connecting with God but don’t really know how would you search everywhere for a signal? The thing is a lot of the time when I pray I don’t feel heard and for the longest time I just assumed God had hung up on me but in reality, I lost the signal. Maybe I didn’t work that hard through my hand cramp to turn my phone back on and most of the time the fear of falling was greater than my will to reconnect.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, maybe you don’t even believe there’s a god out there. Maybe you believe in God you just don’t believe you could ever ask him for anything or that you really need him.

I don’t know what your faith is like but I really hope this makes you think, even if you’re just wondering what I was on when I wrote this.

Thank you for reading



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