Okay, say you stole a cookie from the cookie jar one time today but your sister stole one and your mom saw her take it, yet she kept stealing cookies. Now you know what you did was wrong but you only took one. You get grounded for stealing that one cookie one time but you don’t complain cause you totally deserved it and you realize that however, your sister continues to steal cookies without any consequence. How would you feel?

So I know the cookie jar thing is very cliche but it gets my point across. I’m usually the person who gets in trouble and much of the time I deserve it, not gonna lie I deserve what I get like 80% of the time, I am also the person who gets accused a lot, gets in trouble for tone of voice even when I thinks it’s fine and get in trouble for looking at someone wrong because apparently i am in a “bad mood”.

I have mostly earned this because of past events. Doesn’t mean it’s fair but it doesn’t mean it’s not fair either. Depends on context.

The things is even when others do the same thing or worse they don’t have any consequences and they continue to behave that way without so much as a scolding look. It’s frustrating when you do your best to be a good person when everyone around you assumes you’re bad and wont give you a fair shot at explaining your actions.




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