When writing, I think it’s important to not think so much with your brain but in a way let your soul take over. Just write and then think. When you think to much you may change the word, the meaning, maybe even change the whole story.

I’ve always been pretty talented at changing the story. I’m good at twisting things so that people take my side even when I’m the one who is wrong. Mostly when I write I am as honest as I can be but when you become talented at twisting your words so they change the story it’s hard not to do it. I’m a storyteller and I tell stories to entertain, not to be honest.

I’m good at pinning the blame on someone else, even when it really doesn’t matter. I do anything to avoid blame, to avoid getting in trouble, mostly to avoid getting yelled at. I protect myself by possibly hurting other people. It’s horrible and crazy but it’s what I do. I don’t mean to make myself sound like a bad person or to make it sound like I think I am but for me manipulation is the best weapon and that’s weapon that harm an armies worth of people. The thing about manipulation is the recoil is just as deadly as the shots that are fired. The manipulator not only manipulates others but also themselves until they don’t even remember who they are, until they can’t tell the difference between truthful and entertaining.


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