Feeling safe

As a kid I always attached myself to someone pretty much everywhere I went. It made me feel like I belonged there and made me feel safe. At home it was my brother or my dad, at my grandparents it was my grandpa, outside it was this dog that I had bonded with. Sometimes the people I attached myself weren’t nice to me but I didn’t care, as long as I felt safe with them it didn’t matter.

Sometimes I still attach myself to people but the problem is if that person isn’t there then I feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. I generally like to think that I can take care of myself and protect myself but I only feel that way when I am with somebody.

It’s funny cause I guess that makes people my safety blanket.

It’s important for people to feel safe. We may not realize it but I think that many of us have a safety blanket or a habit we have that makes us feel safe.


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