I’m not really into hashtags, I tend to make jokes about them or purposely over use them in a conversation and that’s how this little joke started. Not too long ago I was having a rough day and every time something happened I would send a long message to one of my friends venting about how horrible my life was, you know the usual teenage complaints like “my parents don’t understand me,” and “I hate school,” and blah blah blah. Even I find it stupid that I was that upset about little things. But every time I finished my vent I would send a separate message that read; #Life. 

It started out as a joke but as I continue to use it I realize that that’s all it is; life. stuff happens and sometimes it really sucks. But guess what it’s life. Maybe your parents misread something you said, or you got a bad grade, maybe you got a cold or forgot to do your chores and got yourself grounded. I don’t know what’s going  on in your life, and you don’t know what’s going on in my life.

So allow me to explain something about myself that even I often don’t realize. I am a DRAMA queen. Okay so yes maybe I got in trouble with my parents or I got a bad grade, I don’t know about you but I often tell the story with a few embellishments just to make the story more exciting or just to make it seem like it’s not my fault and my life is horrible. I do that, I admit that I do that. I need to remember that #Life happens sometimes we have no control and sometimes we completely mess up and make a horrible decision that we can’t change, but being dramatic about everything doesn’t help anything! (It can be pretty funny though).

What I’m trying to say is while #Life started at a joke, it has become reality. Life isn’t all bad though it can be funny, scary, sad, happy, exciting, uncertain, life is life. But it’s worth it so let’s do this. Let’s live #Life to the fullest. Life’s too short to be over dramatic.




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