Costa Rica day 1

Okay, so I just returned from my missions trip to Costa Rica but I thought I would still go ahead and write a day by day blog about my experience there.

So on Friday morning I woke up at 2am to get ready so I could be at the airport at 3;30am so I could catch my flight at 5:40am. but you don’t care about that part.

So we all got to the hotel and went to check out our rooms with our roommates. After that we headed to the city that we were working in. We took a little tour to get familiar with the area and the people.

In the evening after dinner we headed back to the church where us girls had fun making bracelets with the girls in the community. We had fun getting to know each other and we all learned how to make bracelets together. (I haven’t really learned how to make them. That was really just an easy and relaxing evening.

Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow to here about Day 2!



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