Impressioned musically

Summer break started a couple weeks ago, I now being a High schooler had finals. Speech was my favorite final. Our speech teacher would play music almost everyday. Beethoven, Mozart, Micheal Jackson, Taylor Swift, and don’t forget Bon Jovi.   She said make your self a happy tune.
Noun- a melody, especially one that characterizes a certain piece of music
Verb- adjust
So what does it mean?
Characterize yourself to be happy? Or adjust your self to be happy? Music makes impressions. Whether it lasts a lifetime or a Heartbeat. It still makes an impression. So what if we made ourselves a happy impression? Most of the time we don’t even bother to make an impression in the first place. At the high school we walk down the halls avoiding eye contact with people we don’t know. And glaring at the back of the head of the person in front of us because of how slow they are going. What if we smiled? Study’s show that smiling at a person has a positive effect on humans.
Try it out and Smile!😁
Music makes impressions but so do we, whether for a lifetime or a Heartbeat, so make a Happy Impression, and Smile! 😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:😁:mrgreen:


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