One day

I hear a lot of people my age talking about how they can’t wait to grow up and move out, go to college, get a job. I used to think this way too, but now I have changed my mind. I don’t want to think about growing up anymore then I have to.


One day I will graduate highschool and go to college. One day I’ll get married and start a family. One day I’ll have a house, a job, and…bills. But for now I’ll be young. I’ll worry about grades, and go out with friends, and I’ll dance, and I’ll sing at the top of my lungs.

As I get older I know I’ll have regrets. I don’t want not being young while I could to be one of them. I’m not going to worry about the future. I’m going to focus on today, because today is beautiful.

Thanks for reading!




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