Summer plans

Summer is on it’s way. School will be ending and so will many of my other activities. Of course I have plenty of things to keep me busy over break. I often have difficulty finding fun things to do during summer so me and Rosie created out own summer bucket list.

Our plans include doing things like bonfires, and visiting the beach. Now I will be  traveling quite a bit during summer and hopefully I will have time to continue writing my books and I’m hoping to create a dance video during summer.

So if you are having trouble coming up with plans for summer, here is our bucket list to help you come up with an idea. So grab a friend and begin making your summer plans.


Camp fire

Cook out

Camp out

Block party

Water Park




Dance video

Movie night

Hopefully this will help you come up with some ideas. There are also things you can do alone when your home.

Read a book

Try a hobby

Do a DIY project

Try to learn a new skill like your splits or a back-bend (Don’t hurt yourself).

Choreograph a dance

Movie marathon

Write a blog post



Write a book.

I hope these simple ideas help you out.

Thanks for reading!




One day

I hear a lot of people my age talking about how they can’t wait to grow up and move out, go to college, get a job. I used to think this way too, but now I have changed my mind. I don’t want to think about growing up anymore then I have to.


One day I will graduate highschool and go to college. One day I’ll get married and start a family. One day I’ll have a house, a job, and…bills. But for now I’ll be young. I’ll worry about grades, and go out with friends, and I’ll dance, and I’ll sing at the top of my lungs.

As I get older I know I’ll have regrets. I don’t want not being young while I could to be one of them. I’m not going to worry about the future. I’m going to focus on today, because today is beautiful.

Thanks for reading!