What do you believe?

As a christian I find myself wondering about what other people believe. I believe that God created the world, man sinned against God and he sent his son; Jesus to save us, Jesus died on the cross and then rose again freeing us from eternal suffering.

Many people would argue the existence of God. I think that as a christian it is my job to answer any questions about God and my faith, but it is not my job to change their mind.

I understand if you grew up in a faith that taught you differently then mine, but for those of you who don’t believe in the existence of any god. So here’s my question, what is it that you believe? Do you believe that when we die everything just stops? Do you believe that we just go around in an endless cycle through life?

When someone who claims to be an atheist gets into a debate about whether or not there is a God it’s not really like they’re debating if God does exists they’re debating why faith is stupid. Some people just have to argue with me in the hopes that I will give up on my faith and turn my back on God.

I mean if I trust in God my whole life and in the end just happen to be wrong then I still have nothing to lose. But if I went my whole life believing there was no god and was wrong then I will have lost everything.

The thing is that I still have sin in my life even as a follower of Christ but if I didn’t believe in what I believed then I would also have sin in my life, the only difference being that I would lack hope. I can’t even imagine living a life where I had no hope. If there is no God then why are we here? If there was no Jesus to save us from sin then we’re doomed. If there’s is no life in heaven, if there is no hope for a better future, then why bother? Why not just give up now? Why try to be successful and do our best in life? If there is no God, no Jesus, and no hope then what are we living for?

Thanks for reading!



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