What would happen if I ran the world?

Welp, here’s another one of my crazy blog posts. Run while you can my friends you will not get this minute of your life back. (But feel free to like the post before you leave).

So here it goes; If I ran the world. I would have rules. Maybe, I don’t know I’m not very organized and I don’t see me putting effort into making sure the world is orderly and stuff. But I’ll try, my rules would be.

well no murdering, drugs, stealing, you know the usual stuff. But probably other stuff like everyone has to believe in unicorns and hobbits. And you’d have to read atleast one chapter of a book a day, and other stuff that I’d probably higher someone to think of for me.

I think I would make a rule that school is more of an every other day thing.

In my world people would be more important than baby pandas, and passing laws against discrimination would be more important than trying to make drugs legal.

Anyone who didn’t believe in Narnia or Gallifrey would have to write a thousand word essay on how why they don’t believe and will be asked whether they’ve seen the Tardis or not. Click here to see it.

In my world there would most likely be chaos.

But on a more serious note I should never run the world ever.

Thanks for reading.

-Abby, former resident of Gallifrey home of the time lords.



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