Rant on phone reviews…

Have you ever read the reviews on a product you were considering buying online? Well lately I’ve been watching the prices on smartphones because I’m hoping to get a fairly inexpensive one. And that’s when I realized that the world is full of people who will literally complain about anything and completely spoiled brats.

Did you ever have a friend or know a person whose parents spoiled them rotten and they were just awful? You could never please them and they would throw a fit everytime one little thing went wrong. Well the internet makes it a lot easier to complain and throw little temper tantrums. I mean I get mentioning in your review that the phone randomly shuts off for no reason, or that the call disconnects. But oh my gosh complaining about everything about the phone because it doesn’t have a front facing camera, or because the speakers only go up to like 80%.

What really bugs me is when their reviews look like this:

I wuld nvr recomend this phone to anyone bcuz the battery only last 3 days instead of 5, the speekers are only loud enuf to shake my naybors house but not the 1s past them, and the skreen is only as bigg as 1 of my handz and not 2.

pros: nun bcuz I hate this phone

Cons: the batery don’t work, the power buton iz on the top not the side, speekers, skreen too small, and evrything else about the phone stincks.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic but you get the idea. I mean I’ve seen some reviews with the grammar skills of a first grader. I mean I’m sorry you’re not happy with the phone you bought but ten years ago none of that stuff would have mattered because you would have been happy just to have a flip phone.I mean this generation of people is more of a generation of brats, and yes I would include myself in that mix I would consider myself as a spoiled brat a lot of the time.

I’m not writing this to tell you that there are poor people all over the world that don’t even have phones, I’m writing it because I’m annoyed of not being able to tell the difference between a legit review or someone throwing a fit because the phone they got only had 8 GB instead of 64 GB. Especially those reviews that start with the words “my mom/dad got me this phone for my birthday,” and then goes on to say this “but they got the wrong amount of storage, instead of the 64 GB I wanted they got 16 GB,” and they write a review based on their desire and not the actual quality of the device, I mean you’re not helping anyone if you write a review like this so what’s the point? How about thanking your parents because they bothered to buy you a phone in the first place!

Okay…that got interesting. Anywho thanks for reading my rant.



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