Accepting change

Okay, if I had of had this blog about a year ago then there would probably be some very angry posts here just because I needed someone to rant to and here’s why. I like adventures and I like trying new things as long as after I try them things go back to the way it was before this “new thing” I don’t like big changes.

So the church that I had grown up in decided to plant a new church closer to my home. Now even though most of my friends would be going to this church as well, my best friend would be staying behind at my home church. I was really upset about this change, nobody asked me if I wanted to go, I felt like nobody had even considered my feelings at all. I had my mind made up that I was going to hate my new church and I would hate going to church for the rest of my life. Yeah…that didn’t happen. Although this will never be the church I call home and I would still rather go to my original church.

So I tried to make myself useful, everyone else was finding ways to help with the new church and I was starting to get a little excited. I had agreed to help on the children’s praise team and it felt good to be a part of the church but it wasn’t my thing. I just haven’t found a way to be useful. I like going to the church, I like talking to the people that go there and I love the pastor. I just don’t like not being important, everyone that I know that’s going to the church is doing something whether it’s running sound, or singing, or organizing events.

I’m not doing anything “important” but i walk into that church every Sunday with a smile and try to be friendly. I’ll admit that a lot of the times I don’t like going still Id rather go to the church I grew up in but I don’t hate it or the idea of it anymore so I guess I’m making progress.


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