So Unrealistic

Okay has this ever happened to you? Someone walks into the living room or TV room while you’re watching a movie or a TV show and the first thing out of their mouth is “That was so unrealistic,” that bugs me so much. I’m just like well yeah it’s a movie.

Or if I’m talking to a friend about a book and they’re just like “Did you read the part where Tris jumped of the train on to the roof of dauntless headquarters, that was so unrealistic like that would never happen,” And I’m just like “Actually it could happen, it would just hurt, and be completely insane,” I mean it drives me crazy when people are just like that movie or book is so unrealistic. I mean that’s the whole point of the movie. No one ever said it was supposed to be something that could happen in real life, if it was I’d rather go out and do it then just sit and watch someone else do it.

I mean some movies and books are realistic and others are just imaginary, If the book has a fantasy or science fiction label on it than don’t expect it to be real.

Books are supposed to make you think impossible thoughts and dream impossible dreams! I mean think about it, as a little kid how often did you play a make believe game? And I bet some of that time you believed that you were a superhero, or a princess, maybe you were even a spy. But you i bet you got a lot of those ideas from a movie you saw, or a book you read, and even if it wasn’t real you could pretend it was. I bet you believed it was real and possibly even asked people to call you by whatever make believe name you gave yourself.

So, next time you see something that looks unrealistic on a movie or you read it in a book, think for a minute. I mean how cool would it be if some of that stuff you see or read could really happen? What would life be like? What would you be like?

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