Spring Break!

Okay, so tomorrow is the start of spring break. It came really fast this year, only two more months before summer vacation!

So here’s the thing with spring break. For me I’m always like “yay spring break” you know there’s no school, there’s no dance, no nothin’ the problem is that on spring break I always get super bored because my friends always have plans. This year Rosie and her family are going on a trip so I will be here alone…okay that’s a little dramatic. So I was thinking what if I planned something, like a party or a group activity. But I have no money. So why am I writing this as a blog post? To share the fact that this week and next week I will have no life, because my life is on spring break.

So these are the problems with spring break. But what’s good about it is my brain gets rest, I can bake more cookies, I can practice my dances at home, sort of, I can clean. You know chores and stuff…yay!!!

Thanks for reading and sorry but no you will not get that minute of your life back, sorry.



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