Rosie and Abby chapter 3: Awana part 3

So at my church there was this program where we learned how to memorize bible verses, so for like one or two years Rosie and I were in Awana together. So, one night at a pizza party they had yearly for my age group Rosie and another friend encouraged me to sing in the singing contest. I’ve always been afraid to sing infront of people, so this was a really difficult thing for me. The prize was a box of five littlest pet shops, so I “preformed” my song and I sung my song, and after sitting through a couple of other girls I won a prize. So that was a good night.

Me and Rosie had some insane ideas at Awana, we’d stand in our corner, and talk about things. Starting a business, starting a band, and probably tons of other crazy stuff. I really enjoyed my time at Awana and even after I had finished I kept volunteering with the five-year-olds.

Thanks for reading!



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