McDonalds Rant revised

Okay so a while ago I wrote a post called McDonalds rant.

So I went to McDonalds yesterday, and I still don’t really like their food, and normally I don’t like their service. But yesterday the food wasn’t that bad and the service was actually pretty good, and obviously not all McDonalds are the same in service, or food. So, to be polite (Which is rare for me please enjoy it) I thought I should write a revised version of my rant because of the service we got yesterday.

Here are the differences; first off, the guy at the counter had told us that their ice cream machine wasn’t really working, but he was going to try it anyway (And it was a miracle! It filled both cones, no problem) At the McDonalds I went to before I can almost guarantee that the conversation would have been sorry the machines not working, end of story.

Second, the salad I ordered almost tasted fresh where I ate yesterday, but the food at the McDonalds close to my house, the food is almost always two days over the expiration date. Which is both disgusting and probably in violation of the health code.

And third, the guy that helped us was like a new kind of McDonalds employees, he was friendly, polite, and had atleast some energy. I’ve never met a McDonalds employee that was not rude, lazy, and just acted like they didn’t want to be there.

But congratulations McDonalds you are close to redeeming yourself even though I will mostly be eating at Wendy’s I will atleast consider McDonald’s now. As long as you don’t have Ronald McDonald sitting in the front of the restaurant.

Thanks for reading!



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