Dear future me…

Okay, so I’ve gotten into the habit of writing a journal and at the end I always write a “Dear future me,” letter at the bottom of the page. I think it’s a cool idea to be able to read back through everything I did a few years back, or even just a few months! So here’s a sample of what my “Dear future me,” letters look like. Enjoy!

Dear future Abby, I hope that if is everything you hoped. God definitely has great plans for you and even now, as a teenager I’m beginning to see it. Remember all the fun times you had with your friends, and don’t be sad, be happy because you had an amazing childhood. Right now you’re probably just finishing college, or maybe you’re working, or raising a family. Whatever it is you’re doing, I bet you’re amazing at it.

I don’t know how much older than me you’ll be when you go through your blog posts and read it again. I hope you got that book published, and learned sign language, and I hope you’re happy.

Keep on living life, because few things are this precious and keep smiling, because you’ll never know who will see your smile and want to smile too.


I’d like to encourage you to try to write your own “Dear future me,” letter and put it somewhere where you know you’ll find it in a couple years. I think it would be great to reflect on where you’ve been and be proud of how far you’ve come since then.

Thanks for reading!



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