Rant on Autocorrect

Okay, I don’t know about you guys but auto-correct for me is a huge pain in the butt. If I tell someone that I’m tired, why does it auto-correct to dimwit? Tired and Dimwit don’t even start with a same letter, and last I checked ‘tired’ is still a word. Also exercise is also a word why must it auto-correct to exorcism? And some of the time the things it auto-corrects to isn’t even a word!

Maybe auto-correct can be useful but it can also confuse people.

Oh and let’s talk about the grammar check on word for a minute. Some of the grammar rules it tells you about either don’t make sense or don’t exist. And you know that little stupid green squiggly line that tells you there’s a grammar error it wont tell you what the problem is? Or if I type ‘she promised that the food tasted good,’ and the grammar correct will tell you it should be ‘her promised that the food tastes well’ like what? How is that good grammar?

It’s like if you’re gonna correct my grammar maybe someone should correct yours first. I don’t need to be typing in ‘monkey’ and having it correct to ‘Mobley’ auto-correct and grammar check can both be such a pain.


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