Why I should never drink lemonade

Last night my youth pastor decided to take us all to sonic and I ordered a lemonade. Lemonade always made me go insane and last night I redefined the meaning of a sugar high. So there was this group of guys that I hung out with and I had a lot of fun hanging out with them, especially this one guy I hadn’t talked to for a while. Except that I kept creeping everyone out because I kept saying creepy stuff. I actually went around for table to table asking people if they believed in the Illuminati and if they believed in unicorns because unicorns are the Illuminati.



I also may have said stuff about blood and your corroded artery. To which the group of guys backed away. But they came back so I didn’t scare them that bad.

blood meme

So basically I should never drink lemonade ever. Especially infront of people.

Thanks for reading!




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