Thoughts: Parents

Okay, so this blog post is actually something I wrote in my journal, but it’s not super personal, if it was it wouldn’t be posted here.

So again, I love my parents but sometimes they can be annoying, and I can’t be impossible when it comes to communicating with them. So I had a fight with a friend and I didn’t tell them about it until like a week or two later. I actually didn’t tell them I told my small group during prayer time.

Well ever since everytime we’re in the car my mom is like “So did you apologize yet?”

But I’m kind of getting ahead of myself, let me explain why this annoys me before I rant on and on about stuff you guys don’t really want to read.

So I get upset because my parents never ask me about my life, but then when they do ask I roll my eyes and wont answer, because when I do answer and it’s something bad like a fight I had with a friend, then they always ask the same question over and over, and no it’s not “Are you okay?” or “How are you doing,” it’s always “What did you do,” or “Did you apologize yet?” Like no don’t worry about me guys, I’m fine.

I mean obviously it’s my fault there was a fight. And yes worry about the other person I fought with it’s not like I’m not your daughter or anything. And they wonder why I spend so much time at Rosie’s house then I do at home.

So that’s why “Did you apologize yet?” upsets me! Because no I’m not okay! I hate having fights with people and at the same time I almost enjoy it, I hate that I like to fight with people. So yes maybe I did apologize for starting a fight, and yes I started it. But that’s not the question I want to be asked. I have been stressing over this since it happened but no worries, I’ll be fine, worry about everyone else first.

Oops I said I wasn’t gonna write a rant and I did…Sorry.

So I love my parents, it would just be really great if for once they would consider my feelings before assuming everything was my fault.








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