Rosie and Abby chapter 2, part one: Apart

So, after a while, my mom decided that I wasn’t even allowed to sit next to Rosie in Sunday school; of course I’ve always been a rule breaker so that didn’t work out. Even when we fought or she abused be with a stick, I still felt like I couldn’t be without her. So I still hung out with her even though she was awful to me.

Quotes 2

After a while though her mom got a job at another church and we didn’t see each other pretty much through out all of elementary school except the occasional visit during the fifth grade.

BFF quote.jpeg

Finally after a couple more months without her, they started going to my church again. Me and her were together again, and not trying to kill each other! We both apologized for the way we treated each other in our younger years. And we’ve been best friends pretty much since then.

BFF quotes

Thanks for reading! And check back for Rosie’s side of the story.



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