My song today

I finally found a song that completely describes how I feel right now Hold me now: RED

I hadn’t listened to it much and then last night it randomly popped into my head and I started humming it. So I searched it on YouTube and started listening. I love this song, and I feel like it was written for me, somehow.

Hold me now.jpeg

I love the lyrics. Do you ever have a song that just speaks to your heart? Who new mine would be from a rock band.

Music quotes

I know I’ve posted before about fear, I am a naturally nervous person. But I don’t have to be, life is too short to be afraid. And it’s not like I’m afraid of everything, I’m afraid of like three things, but those fears really sink in deep.

Fear quotes

I’m kinda like Four from Divergent (and yes I make a lot of references to Divergent) I’m not afraid of a lot of things, but the things that scare me, really scare me!

Divergent quote 2.jpeg

But fear can drive me to be better, it gives me a challenge, and I’m working on not being afraid of anything.

Divergent quote 3.jpeg

Thanks for reading!



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