A world in your mind, books

Okay, so I really love sci-fi books. I will pretty much not read any other type of book, ever. I like to imagine myself as the lead character, or the strongest character. I like to sit and read and imagine the world around me doesn’t exist. The thing is I can only read a book, if the beginning grabs my attention, then even if the book is bad I won’t be able to stop reading it.

I like reading books, but I like writing them better. When I write anything can happen, I can make the characters into whatever I want so that when I read what I wrote, I can feel the way I want to feel. I can connect with the characters on a more personal level. In every page I can add happiness, or pain, I can add love, or fear. I can write down how ever I feel in those chapters.

Books quote

Writing quote

It’s weird that a lot of times, I write sorrow, and pain into those pages, and a lot of times I don’t understand where that pain comes from. It just all comes out when I’m writing.

Writing reflects what a person is feeling, even if they don’t understand how they’re feeling. No matter how much fiction is added into the pages of a story, there’s always a part of the writer that’s left behind in every sentence they write.

Writing quote 2.jpeg

if my life was a sci-fi book



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