Paper town…Sleepover…stupid pranks

So on Saturday, Rosie texts me and is like “Hey we rented paper town” I was like awe I wanna see that! So her mom calls my mom at seven a clock at night and asks if I can sleep over. My mom by some miracle said yes and her mom came and picked me up.

So we’re sitting watching the movie and I’m like loving Margo, because she’s doing stuff I kinda wish I could do. So this guy he’s going on this “adventure” from Florida to New York, to find this girl that might be there. Well I’m not big on romances or anything of that sort, but this movie looked interesting and it mostly was. I wont say how but they ruined the movie at the very end guys! So I didn’t cry, but there was one part that made my stomach sink. At the very end of the movie, Quentin and his friends say goodbye after the end of senior year and drive in different directions. I’ll admit that made me sad, because I know one day that could be me.

So enough of this sappy stuff, so after the movies over Rosie’s mom and little sister go to bed and me and Rosie stay down stairs (WARNING old lady alert) drinking tea, talking and…wait for it…listening to rap music while prank texting people and watching random YouTube videos.

At like one-fifteen a.m. Rosie begins to think she wants a shower, but we were taking online quizzes, so after a while she finally goes and gets a shower and I guess I fell asleep while she was in the shower.

So the next day, we go to church and they have free coffee, so I drank coffee trying to wake myself up and during the service I was texting one of  our friends and this is where the prank texting comes in. Since I was both sleep deprived and full of caffeine me and Rosie decided to prank text our friend from my phone. So we started telling him about a really wild night we had (never mind that we sat on the couch drinking tea). I wont go into details on what we did, but if it had of actually happened…let’s just say I would never be allowed to see Rosie ever again.

Later I saw this friend and told him it was a prank, I kind of couldn’t believe he believed us but the facts that we added into the texts to make it more believable were very convincing.

So, if you ever want to prank someone, remember that you don’t have to do something big, you just text them something, kind of realistic and just let it all play out.

Thanks for reading!



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