Things people misunderstand about Christians.

My entire life I’ve gone to church, I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was young and I fully believe that Jesus died for my sins. I’ve been teased by the neighbors for being a christian. And a lot of times people don’t even realize what it really mean to be a Christian.

First off, the one thing non-believers don’t understand is that Christians are not perfect and we shouldn’t claim to be. It’s not that I can’t do anything wrong, it’s that I do my best to do what’s right. I still fail at being perfect, but if I do mess up I know that I can confess my sins to God and I will be forgiven. I won’t get my ticket to heaven declined because I did something wrong.

That was the main point I wanted to make.

Also, I don’t judge people, or I try not to judge people because their sins are different than mine. I don’t think I’m better then everyone else because I have Jesus in my heart. I believe that I’m just as sinful as all of you. I’m not better, or worse then anyone reading this post. I never have been and I never will be.

Christians are not only “allowed” to watch Christian movies and listen to Christian music, one christian may decide the should only listen to christian music and another may listen only to pop. Of course I try not to listen to anything Explicit but my favorite band is Fall Out Boy. What does that tell you?

Also, not all Christians are the same. There are people out there who claim to be followers of Christ and go around spreading lies about God and hurting people and a lot of times your first impression really matters. I mean if I were the first Christian you ever met and I claimed to be a believer in Christ, but I walked around acting all special, and I picked fights with people and went around telling you how horrible of a person you were then I would expect you to think all Christian are like that. But we’re not. I know I atleast try not to act like that.

I will probably post more about this later.

-Thanks for reading!



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