Memories: Did you dance today?

From the time we’re little we begin to record things in our minds. We remember both good and bad things, so we can go back and look over it all later. But sometimes these are things we would love to forget. Like for me the day my grandpa died. I would love to forget that day. The thing is that, that day helped to make me who I am now.

I remember when we’d go over there on Sunday’s and everytime he would ask the same question “Hey kid, did you dance today,” and I’d always say “Yeah Grandpa,” and I’d twirl around and preform some of the steps we learned and he would just sit there and laugh. Grandpa had this unforgettable laugh and no matter how he felt he was always smiling. I miss him but everyone dies and I knew it was gonna be soon. It was just some feeling I had. I’m glad that even though I didn’t know it I got to say good-bye. I wasn’t prepared and sometimes I still think it’s unfair. Sometimes after a recital I think did you see that Grandpa? I danced today. I don’t know where he is but I know that when I dance a tiny piece of my heart breaks because I know he would have loved it. Somehow I feel like he can see me though and all I want to do is make him proud.

Thanks for reading!



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