Wrong email

I’ve been getting these emails from someone about reminders on events for work. I have no Idea who they are and have neglected to tell them that they have the wrong person. So today I decided to tell them they had the wrong person…in Spanish…bad plan by the way. It has come to my attention that the person I emailed may or may not have been a lawyer. I still find it hilarious, especially since google translate changed some of it.

What I said en español: Lo sentimos, no hablo Inglés. Creo que tiene la dirección de correo mal. No tengo idea de lo que el Colegio de Abogados del Tribunal de Menores está por favor deja de correo electrónico a mí

What I said in english: Sorry, I do not speak English. I think you have the wrong email address. I have no idea what the Bar Association of Juvenile Court is please stop email to me

Well that happened today. The moral of the story is even if it’s really funny, it’s probably not the best idea…yeah.

Not to mention my name is very American.

Thanks for reading about my epic fail.




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