I’m not stupid

Okay, so my entire life I’ve felt stupid. I’ve never been good at school, I don’t care about school, I know that no matter how hard I work at my homework I will still only be average. I hate the word “average” because normal is boring. Well you know what I may not be good at school, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

I can sing, I know how to read music, I can dance, I can sign, these are all things I’m pretty good at. You have to have at least a little bit of brains to know how to do this stuff. Not to mention I have detailed plans on how to take over the world, and what would happen in the end times when the world goes crazy and Jesus returns. I want to run an underground colony. I know it sounds completely insane, but I literally have maps drawn and probably a lot of people who would hopefully be willing to follow my command.

I don’t want to do it because I’m power hungry, but because I feel like I could do it right. Of course the chances of this happening is pretty much impossible, but why not dream. So obviously I’m not stupid,  I just do stupid thing sometimes.

Even though like my entire family is full of really intelligent people and I can’t do what they do doesn’t mean I’m not smart in other areas. One day I’m gonna do something that requires my specific talents and ability’s. God may not have given me a brilliant math mind, but sometimes all the world needs is a creative thinker, and that’s exactly what I am.

Thanks for reading!



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