Meet Bob

I thought I would introduce you to an old friend; Bob. Bob is the voice in my head that tells me what I’ve done wrong, or encourages me to do something wrong just so he can taunt me before bed.

So, why did I name him Bob? Because if you name it, it’s harder to take it seriously. I’m not trying to offend people named bob, I personally love that name. But think about it how many times have you randomly called yourself Bob in funny situations (Not to mention there’s a Minion named Bob and he’s soooo cute!). So Bob is hard to pay attention to because I named him.

The conversations I have with Bob used to go like this.

Bob: “Your mom want’s you to clean your room, you should scream at the top of your lungs and slam the door and not do it,”

Me: “Ok,” ‘screams at the top of my lungs’ “You can’t make me clean your room, I hate you!”

right after

Bob: “Wow, you are a terrible person, ”

Me: ‘says through sobs’ “I know,”

At night

Bob: “You should die,”

Me: ‘through tears’ “I know,”

Now our conversations sound like this

Bob: “You’re an awful person,”

Me: “Shut up, Bob!” end of conversation


Thanks for reading!



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