My weird obsession

Okay, so for some reason lately I’ve been really into local folklore and urban legends. I find them interesting and funny. Sometimes ghost stories are scary and sometimes you read it and you’re just like “wait what…” Apparently my state is haunted.

The entire time I was reading I was cracking up at something that didn’t seem scary and/or didn’t make any sense. So this is like my new weird obsession. I find it funny that I always thought that where I lived was just kind of boring, but apparently ghost “live” in the sewer system under my city. I’ve never seen one but whatever.

Apparently if you feel like someone is watching you or you feel uneasy, or you feel a weird breeze (from i don’t know…a window?) then your house is haunted. Nothing weird like doors swinging open, or things floating in the air, you just have to feel it. So if I feel uneasy about a dance recital maybe the stage is haunted.

Anyway I find this stuff interesting because you tend to find buried history in those stories somewhere. So yeah…


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One thought on “My weird obsession

  1. Haha 🙂 I have my own weird obsession, and that is to watch YouTube documentaries about ancient Civilisations and the possibility of UFOs. I just like to know how things were built back then. And I’m open to the probability of life outside of earth 🙂

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