Fear of the future(from a christian perspective)

 Do you ever think of the future? I know I do. I’m going to try and talk to you guys on more of a personal level then I usually do. I know I don’t know you guys, but this is what I want to share with you right now. I have three fears. I’m afraid of silence I panic in quiet, Failure I’m afraid to fail infront of other people because it makes me feel weak, and the future, I fear the unknown of what may happen in the next couple of years.

I’m afraid of that day when everything changes, where I wont dance anymore, where my voice begins to fade, when I move out and have to face the world. I’m not afraid of growing old and dying, that’s not why I’m afraid of the future. I’m afraid of the things I might miss out on, the things that I have to leave behind that right now I can’t live without. I mean someday I wont be able to dance the same way I do now, and for me dancing is like living in another world. While I dance I can be transported into a world where there’s no such thing as stress, and no one can touch me.

So I wanted you guys to know how I feel, I just hope that this can help you. I mean I’m literally a teen who’s afraid to grow up! Whatever you’re afraid of it’s not stupid and nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone’s afraid of something. And everyone has a reason to be afraid of whatever they’re afraid of. But I hope you find comfort in this (I’m not trying to preach but this is what I believe) God is with you, you don’t have to be afraid, I know that he will protect me and I find comfort in knowing that he has a plan for my future just as he has a plan for you. You don’t have to believe it.

Read further if you dare…or if you don’t…yeah

Here’s my challenge to you, and remember God answers all prayers but it’s not always the answer we want. I think you should try this, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, no pressure. Just pray to God to help you face your fears. There’s no specific way to do it, you can’t really pray wrong as long as you’re really praying. It may not happen right away and you may not even notice a difference but I believe God loves us and will help us face our fears, if we trust in him.

…Okay so I did end up preaching a little, I have no idea where that came from…

I was not planning on writing that part…

Anyway…thanks for reading!

















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