Last day to dance

So basically I have now decided to “up my game” in the dance world. Since I’m finally able to get beck to dancing in a studio I’ve decided to start working harder on my strength and flexibility so that in the future I can dance at a more professional studio. Dance is supposed to be fun, but it’s also work and I’m finally realizing that I need to really start on the work part and balance the work in the fun instead of me slacking off and it just being fun.

Dance is my passion but it’s difficult to be good at it if I’m not actually trying. So today is day one, today will be the day I take it seriously because who knows? Maybe I’ll dance professionally or teach a dance class. I guess I’m thankful that I injured my knee because some how it helped me be more excited about dancing and it’s made me better. I pay closer attention in class, I work on technique, I stretch and work on cardio and strength training everyday, I’m even standing in front of the barre sometimes.

Who knew something so good could come out of something so painful? I guess God was trying to teach me something and the lesson has been learned. So I’ll take my time healing and I’ll dance for the love of dancing, just this time I wont lose my turnout and injure my leg. I’ll dance in thanks to my God, I’ll dance because I love it, and I’ll dance as if it’s my last day to be able to dance.

Thanks for reading!







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