Lately I’ve been feeling emotionally drained. I was having a conversation over text yesterday and may have finally gotten to the bottom of it.

I have been moody and depressed, and part of it was from my family. I love my family, but I always feel like the odd one out, and the least favorite child. I understand that this is mostly just in my head. Basically yesterday I had physical therapy and I was in a bit of pain after all, not to mention I was exhausted. We decided to have a semi-family dinner for once which resulted in me and my brother having a fight, and then my mom did what she does best–made me feel stupid–she yelled at me for saying something mean but as always when I asked what I had done to get me in trouble, she didn’t know!

I  didn’t go to work with the kindergartners like I do every Wednesday, so I sat down to watch TV and I told my brother he could have the TV at 8 pm because that’s when I start my evening routine. So around 6:30 I turn on an hour long show and at exactly 7 pm he informs me that I told him he could have the TV at 7 pm. After explaining to him about how I must have misspoken, he told me it didn’t matter because I wasn’t even supposed to be home and since I was missing the hard work I wasn’t allowed to watch TV. I mean did he even think that maybe volunteering is fun? I mean guys I love my family most of the time. But most of the time I’m pretty sure they don’t even love me back.

Thanks for reading my sappy, touchy feely, grossness of feeling spilling!















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