Feeling the music

This weekend has been emotionally draining, I wont go into boring details. Basically it was bad news piled on top of more bad news. I didn’t sleep, I had bad headaches, I was in a bad mood, nothing was going right. I turned on my music on my phone and just lied down and listened. And I realized just how depressing my music is.

So I listened to it, I let myself feel the music. The music explained how I felt better then I ever could. I don’t even know how I feel about it, but the music does. It describes my every thought. Just for a moment the world drifts into nothing and it’s just me and the music.

I’ve been learning that growing up is way harder then everyone made it look. But if it’s just me, myself, and the music it begins to grow a little bit clearer. I still don’t know how I feel about the events of this weekend, I just know that when everything goes wrong I can count on the music to let me drift off into my own little fantasy.

Thanks for reading!



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