The Charlie Brown effect

Do you ever get the feeling that everything you touch breaks? I know I do. I blame a lot of things on myself, why? It’s this thing I like to call “the Charlie Brown effect” basically your life is great but everything depresses you, people tease you, and you always feel like you mess up everything you touch. That’s me, especially this week I’ve been feeling that way.

I tried getting my life together. I made a new schedule (which I’m not giving up on), and I’ve already messed that up. It’s been to days. I have great relationships but I’m great at offending people and ruining the relationship. My family used to be close, but even though we’re in the same house we barely see each other, I don’t know how but I probably messed that up too.

So here I am digging a hole so deep I don’t know how I’ll climb out. But here’s the thing, I’m not breaking everything I touch, most of it’s still here. I’m not like wreck-it-Ralph (and even he wasn’t that bad) I’m just human like everyone else. And I mess up. A lot. This self blame is what needs worked on, not the things “I touched”

If you’re dealing with this, you’re not the only one, and neither am I.

Thanks for reading!


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