Thinking positivly

First day of physical therapy was yesterday. Not only will it hopefully help my knee to heal, but I realized it may make me a better and stronger dancer. So hey, something good did come out of this whole mess with my knee.

So this is my new challenge for myself. I always see the bad long before I see the good. So maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try and see the good and the bad, and prepare for both. I always think worst scenario so when I get the bad news I was already expecting it, but then it messes with my head when I get good news. There are a lot of, what if’. Like “what if the doctor got the wrong MRI results,” “What if I make it worse and can’t dance after all,” So My challenge is to think positively whenever I can.

Hopefully if you have the same problem you will try this as well.

Thanks for reading!



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