Pushing harder and learning better

I’ve been told that I’m not smart, and that I’m not very good at things. There’s a choice when it comes to this. Either we can lie down and give up or we can push harder to be better. If I’m told I can’t learn something I atleast have to try, whether I fail or not. But somehow I always prove them wrong.

If these people are telling me I’m stupid and can never learn anything then they must not know me very well. I want to learn, I learn fast when I want to. If you told me right now “Abby I bet you couldn’t learn three words in German,” I would study the entire language, I may not learn a lot, but I would try. I mean if I were to give up I’d never know what I could and couldn’t do, right? I’m not a quitter and I don’t back down from a challenge (well unless it’s like really illegal, then I might…maybe).

I hope you don’t back down from your challenges, I hope you don’t lie down and give up. You’re a lot stronger then you or anyone else gives you credit for. I may not know you (I mean come on I’m talking to you through a blog) but I know these things about you; you’re strong and you’re smart. If someone tells you, you can’t do something, I hope you find the strength and courage to try, though you might fail. Unless they say you can’t fly, in that case, you can’t, don’t even try. I am not responsible for any insanely dangerous things you try to do.

Thanks for reading!



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