Can’t sleep

Okay, the winter weather has finally hit! We have snow, ice, and freezing cold weather. Great…except I don’t like the snow it’s so cold and since it’s so chilly outside it has to be cold inside too…while I sleep. You may think this makes it hard to sleep and you would be completely…right. It does.

Don’t get me wrong winter’s great for hot chocolate and blankets, but that’s it. Not to mention that if I get up early and go back to bed I sleep late. So that’s where my new schedule comes in. Since I was getting up at 5:30am I thought I would use it to my advantage. I would get up at five-thirty in the morning and eat breakfast, write my blog, and get a shower. Of course on the day I start that (today) I would wake up at four-forty in the morning and not be able to get any rest before my alarm went off

So my new schedule is off to a rough start. Oh well, I guess it can only get better from here.


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